Tumaini for africa foundation provides a community,  care and education for orphans and vulnerable children in Arusha.


- Care and Social Support to orphans: we offer children a home in a secure environment with clean water, food, medical care, and aim to provide education for the children to reach their full potential and create their own future

- Support of Guardians to offer quality of services to orphans and Vulnerable children (OVC)

- Provision of education for kindergarten children (up to age 7). Children from the nearby community neighbourhood are also welcomed to the TFA kindergarten school for a small fee to cover necessary expenses

The orphanage is run by the Mollel family and volunteers from all over the world. Many visiting volunteers return regularly, and not only donate their time and knowledge teaching, and improving infrastructure, but also much neded funds which improve the day to day lives of our children and provide independent education opportunities.


Thank You For Making the Different

There is no big help or small help as long its comes from your heart you can make a change help us make the world a better place.

Create Hope and donate / support us

Tumaini for Africa Village was created in 2009  to offer community support, and provide a home, care and education for more than 30 children, rejected or abandoned families unable to privide for them.

But we cannot survive without outside help, as we are fully dependent on donations and volunteer support. Any financial contribution, no matter how small, or goods, are always welcome, and greatly appreciated. New sponsors, either  Corporate or  private are warmly welcomed, and we would love to hear from you. We embrace innovative ideas, welcome your suggestions and look forward to your involvement  . Please email us

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