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Tumaini For Africa

Tumaini for Africa Village was created in 2009  to offer community support, and provide a home, care and education for more than 30 children, rejected or abandoned families unable to privide for them.

But we cannot survive without outside help, as we are fully dependent on donations and volunteer support. Any financial contribution, no matter how small, or goods, are always welcome, and greatly appreciated. New sponsors, either  Corporate or  private are warmly welcomed, and we would love to hear from you.

We embrace innovative ideas, welcome your suggestions and look forward to your involvement  . Please email us


Through sponsoship and donations we have been able to improve the lives of 30 children:

- 5 children are curren ly sponsored to attend an independent school where they have the opportunity to learn English and reach their full potential in class sizes below 50 compared to 200.

- Proud owners now of 5 cows and 6 calf,  tumaini  sells milk daily to provide funds  for essential needs for the children.

- Tumaini is now running Rabbit projects sponsored by Josefsson Family and JRS

- Food provided by caring organisations and private donors supplement the children's diet, but commodities remain low, and diets are basic. 

- Pre loved clothing donated from volunteers keep the children well clothed and warm.

Sponsor Packages

Help and make a difference by providing an infrastructure for children through sponsor packages: Sponsor one of our children: Sending children to school, Necessities for children, School, Help improve our infrastructure to become a self-sustaining community:

Class 4– Private school (sponsored by Cherie Smirl) (only 50 pupils per class)

Class 5 – Government school (more than 100 pupils in class

Class 6 – Government school (More than 100 pupils in class

Class 2 – Private School (sponsored by Jackie Derrick) (only 50 pupils per class)

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