Our volunteers play a vital role to the tumaini for Africa village. We appreciate you staying as long as you like and play an active role in our community.  You will stay in our little village, which volunteering families especially appreciate  as well. During your stay here you cannot only experience Tanzania and the Maasai culture first hand, we could not do without your help and support.


Much needed skills would be

  • Teaching: Work with the pre-school teacher and the small tumaini children in the morning lessons  to achieve admissions to primary school – lessons are given in English and Swahili

  • Homework: Work with primary and secondary children in the afternoons on their assignments from school

  • Self-sustaining community: we are working towards becoming an autonomous little village, needing advise (water, electricity, social enterprise, vocational training center) on how to reach that level


Bibi Cherie Australia


Volunteering at Tumaini for Africa Children’s Village was the beginning of a remarkable journey for me. At 60 years of age, I expected to enjoy a month sharing time with endearing bright eyed children, and on returning home, my life would go on as before. Well, I certainly shared days with loving bright eyed children, but my return to Australia only found me missing the wonderful life I had found here in Tanzania.

'The kids smiles are infectious and they appreciate everything even the smallest things''Tumaini is my favourite place in the world, such a strong, loving, and welcoming community' 'I went for the first time in 2014 and found it such an uplifting experience, I returned this year and plan to return for many years to come as I miss the kids too much'

I volunteered at T4A in 2014 and 2015. From the moment I arrived, I felt very welcome and at home immediately. Upendo and her family are the best hosts in the world, the most kind and caregiving people. The children from the orphanage and school are such wonderful children, they made me smile every single day and made me want to come back the year after. They really are a second family to me, and the mean the world to me! The “Tumaini-family” will have a place in my heart forever.

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